Shocked hospital mortuary staff dial 999 after body starts showing 'potential signs of life'

Shocked hospital mortuary staff dialled 999 after a body started showing 'potential signs of life'.
They called paramedics fearing that the dead man may still be ALIVE!
When medics arrived they confirmed the man was in fact dead.
Hours earlier he had fallen fromm Kessock Bridge at Inverness.
He was rescued by a team from RNLI Kessock but an ambulance crew were unable to rescuscitate him and he was pronounced dead by a doctor at the scene.
However, after an undertaker had taken the body to Raigmore Hospital, staff carrying out routine checks, became concerned that the man was showing "potential signs of life".
An investigation has now been launched and the Scottish Ambulance Service said it was reviewing the case.
A spokesman said: "Following retrieval, having been in the water for some time, the ambulance crew made every effort to resuscitate the patient.
"However despite active resuscitation being carried out by the crew with no response, a clinical assessment was undertaken including ongoing cardiac monitoring and confirmed that the patient had died.
"Subsequently, following a 999 call to the mortuary at Raigmore Hospital an ambulance responded, along with a cardiac arrest team from the hospital. The patient was subsequently confirmed life extinct."
NHS Highland said: "The death is subject to an investigation by the procurator fiscal as is standard practice in a sudden death.
"We are also holding our own internal significant event review as is normal practice in these circumstances.
"Until that is carried out we are unable to comment further."
Last month a hospital worker was suspended after a body was discovered in an NHS mortuary van when it was taken to a garage for repairs.
A porter took the vehicle to get a back light repaired but was unaware that a body was still inside.
NHS Grampian apologised to the family of the dead person and the garage.


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